I recently downloaded Anvir Task Manager (http://www.anvir.com/)from The Giveaway of the Day site (http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/). This is the best task manager replacement/system monitoring software that I’ve found.


The most visible thing that it does is to put icons into your taskbar indicating CPU usage, disk load,memory usage, and optionally, network load. Actually, all of the monitors are optional, you can select which ones you want to show with checkboxes in the settings. If you hover your mouse over the icons, it gives you information about which processes are causing the the load.


If you click once on one of the icons, it brings up a small window that that shows all of the info, so that you can see what’s going on while you do stuff. These windows stay on top, so you can, for example, monitor which process is taking up most of your memory while you work on a project.


If you double-click on one of the icons, it brings up their task manager, which is much better and more useful than the one that comes with Windows. When you start it up, by default it shows the running processes. There are also tabs to show Startup processes, open applications, services, and the log.


The parts that I use most are the restart option of the context menu, where you can restart any process which may be running sluggishly or have locked up due to memory leaks, and the option to see which processes are using the network.


There are dozens of features that I don’t really have time to write about right now, like the database of common processes, which, if you click on a process in the task manager, will tell you what program and company that process if from. You can also manage all services from the Services tab, edit your startup processes from the Startup tab, and there is a detailed log of all processes in the Log tab.


There are only a couple minor annoyances that I have found. I can’t seem to get the program to start on boot. There is a checkbox in the settings for this, but it unchecks itself every time I set it. This may be a problem with the Giveaway of the Day version, or it may just be some kind of problem on my specific computer.


The other annoyance is that if you want to monitor traffic inside the task manager, at first it says <turned off>. If you hover over the column with the mouse, it tells you to turn it on in the options. I searched through the options for about 15 minutes before I realized that it’s not in the options, it’s a checkbox on the main screen.


Overall, as I said before, this is the best program of it’s type that I’ve found so far. The closest thing I’ve found was Process Hacker, but that’s not nearly as convenient. You can get much more information quicker and easier with Anvir.



Are there alternatives that you like? I want to know!

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