Correct Attitude in Prayer

I am a Nichiren Buddhist and proud member of SGI-USA, and I am going to sporadically post encouragement and inspiring quotes that I find in other places on the web so that I can easily find them later.

This is a lecture from SGI Vice President Tsuji.


….Correct Attitude in Prayer….

Guidance from Vice President Tsuji

Anvir Task Manager

I recently downloaded Anvir Task Manager ( The Giveaway of the Day site ( This is the best task manager replacement/system monitoring software that I’ve found.


The most visible thing that it does is to put icons into your taskbar indicating CPU usage, disk load,memory usage, and optionally, network load. Actually, all of the monitors are optional, you can select which ones you want to show with checkboxes in the settings. If you hover your mouse over the icons, it gives you information about which processes are causing the the load.


Every Guy Could Use This

Did you ever wonder how porn stars can last so long without accidentally exploding and ruining the scene? (I've seen scenes (heh) that have been upwards of 45 minutes long.)

How would you (or your lady, actually) like it if you could last that long?

I just found a video set of Keni Styles, the first Asian male porn star, teaching the methods he uses to last until he decides that it's time. Imagine knowing that you can last as long as necessary to pleasure your (or any) woman. What would that do for your self confidence?

Technorati backend thing, ignore.


Bananas Make You Younger!


I came in to work the other day, and there were two bananas on the counter, with a note that said “Eat us!” I thought, “Great! Bananas are a great source of potassium!” So, I ate one.

Potassium must cause age regression, because immediately after eating the banana, my 12 year old self started thinking of other things I could use the sign for.

Did I mention that I work at an adult toy store? Yeah.

The first thing that amused me was the sign with the remaining banana. Very Dadaist.


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